Renewable Energy – CLEAR

CLEAR stands for Consumer Learn Engage Adopt Renewable energy home solutions. It is an international project coordinated by our member organisation Test-Achats with the participation of several consumer organisations including ICRT (for the international coordination of test activities), Consumentenbond (The Netherlands), Altroconsumo (Italy), DECO (Portugal) and OCU (Spain), GfK and Apere.

The project aims to address the major barriers to the uptake of renewable energy home solutions by European consumers in 5 different countries through the following activities:

1. Creation of renewable energy web communities hosted on consumer organisations' websites;
2. Provision of independent and expert test information to help consumer learn about and trust the different available technologies;
3. Increasing consumers’ ability to make informed decisions with personalised decision-making tools;
4. Helping consumers to invest in renewable energy technologies through national group purchase schemes or other innovative ways to bring down the purchase price.

The project has just started and will last three years, during which our members will help consumers to have a better understanding of the following technologies: Heat Pump for Domestic Hot Water (DHWHP); Pellet Stoves; Solar Thermal; PV Systems and Inverted Heat Pumps.

For more information on CLEAR and on Renewable Energy technologies, check our members' websites.

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Market Watch

Consumers should benefit from televisions, fridges, microwaves and other everyday products that work well and use as little energy as possible. Unfortunately, some manufacturers and retailers are not following the rules. MarketWatch is a Europe-wide campaign to identify companies that break the rules, push up our energy bills and undermine plans to achieve energy savings by 2020.

Through surveying and testing everyday products, MarketWatch will shine a spotlight on those manufacturers and retailers who fail to follow EU regulations and so deprive their customers of the energy savings they think they are getting.

The project is co-funded over a-three-year period by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union. It brings together an alliance of organisations with different expertise including consumer rights, product testing and communication at a national and international level.

For further information please visit the MarketWatch website at or simply drop us an email.

Atlete II

ATLETE II evaluates energy labelling and eco-design of washing machines, the second most important appliance in European households. It is estimated that domestic washing machines in the EU consumed as much as 35 TWh of electricity in 2005. The production of this electricity is, on average, responsible for as much CO2 emissions as 7 million cars. Studies have also shown that the energy efficiency is one of the most important purchasing criteria for consumers, along with functional performance.

Through a large pan-European compliance verification campaign for all the parameters at the basis of the EU Energy Labelling and Ecodesign Regulations for domestic washing machines, ATLETE II will help Member States improve their control of labelling and eco-design implementation measures.

The project was launched in May 2012, is supported by the European Commission’s Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme and is conducted by eleven partners from seven different countries.

For further information please visit the Atlete II website at or simply drop us an email.
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