Our mission is to be the world-leading organisation that empowers its members to provide high quality and independent information to consumers worldwide.

ICRT pursues this mission by:
  • Increasing the cost effectiveness of testing through the co-operation of international joint tests and research
  • Providing a comprehensive legal framework for joint testing with established rules and guidelines
  • Developing common test programmes and evaluation methods
  • Helping smaller organisations to grow through a programme of capacity building and knowledge sharing


ICRT was formally set up as a not for profit association under UK law in 1990 but it is based on a long tradition of co-operation between independent consumer organisations since the 1960s.
  • 1968 - The first joint tests between the Dutch and Belgian organisations included hairdryers, dishwashers, stereo receivers and model trains. A test of hotels in Majorca was also joined by Germany
  • 1972 - The name European Testing Group (ETG) was adopted
  • 1974 - By now 12 organisations were attending ETG meetings including those from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, France, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Austria
  • 1982 - ETG Secretariat moved to London and an increasing number of collaborative tests were carried out each year
  • 1990 - A new organisation called International Consumer Research & Testing was created to formalise the arrangements of the ETG
  • 1991 - First European Commission (EC)-funded project "Comparative Testing in Europe" completed. This laid the basis for discussion about future ICRT EC-funded comparative testing projects
  • 1992 - First ICRT Guidelines issued
  • 1995 - ICRT became a founder member of the Euro NCAP crash test programme
  • 1999 - Guido Adriaenssens appointed CEO. ICRT now has 26 members
  • 2002 - Nordic Testing Group formed
  • 2004 - Consumers Reports (USA) joins ICRT; Asia-Pacific Regional Group met for the first time
  • 2007 - Capacity building project in new EU Member States leads to formation of Central & Eastern Europe Regional Group in 2010
  • 2008 - Worldwide test on Breakfast Cereals published and joined by 30 partners
  • 2010 - Latin NCAP launched
  • 2011 - Global NCAP launched
  •  - ICRT has over 35 members