Funding & Projects

International Consumer Research and Testing (ICRT) is a not-for-profit association registered in the UK. It is the only organisation of its kind, enabling consumer organisations worldwide to co-operate in providing high-quality and independent products and services information to consumers in over 35 countries.

As a condition of their membership, ICRT members do not accept advertising revenue in their publications and are totally independent of commerce, industry and political parties. ICRT itself is funded through an annual membership fee from members and refuses all corporate donations, including samples and advertising. Our testers conduct tests in independent laboratories and we purchase the goods or services to be tested anonymously in-store, just as consumers do. This to ensure that we remain independent and impartial and that our results reflect the best information available to consumers.

Engagement in externally-funded projects

ICRT actively supports innovation and growth among consumer organisations. We selectively engage in projects which align with our priorities and that have the potential to either:

1. Strengthen consumer information through the development of innovative test methods or original testing approaches

2. Expand the amount of consumer testing we can conduct to the benefit of our members (national consumer organisations) and consumers

Before engaging in a new project, ICRT follows a thorough due diligence process to check the suitability of funders and to ensure that our impartiality is not put at risk. We also occasionally provide advisory support to selected projects which have the potential to produce beneficial results for our members and consumers.

For more information on the projects, contact the ICRT